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pit-fired whiskey cups by Heather gabriel

marketa psenickova

We are pleased to announce our first offering of pit-fired ceramics by upstate New York artist Heather Gabriel.    Her aesthetic and ethic, as well as love of smoky fires is shared by us.  We love her work and we think you will too.

Heather uses primitive methods to form and fire the work.  She believes it is important to keep it simple, to remember that we can make the things we need from the materials at hand. Glaze is used sparingly, she prefers to let the clay and flame  speak for themselves. 

Each piece is made from white earthenware, pinched and smoothed into shape from a single bit of clay.  It is then polished with leather and a worn beach stone,
and lined with either translucent or black  crackle glaze.  Exterior is burnished bare clay, smooth as an eggshell.   It is fired multiple times, the last one occurring in a primitive pit-kiln filled with  salvaged walnut  and autumn leaves, that is set alight and left to smolder for over 24 hours.  

All color comes from the smoke and flame as it winds its way through the pit and penetrates the burnished surfaces of the piece.

For our initial offering we chose a selection of 12 cups and 5 plates.